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"I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering."

Robert Frost


And so "The Blue Max Project" is a discovering.  

This art project is an exploration that started with no clear destination.  Storytelling, graphic arts and aviation history all overlap the journey.  The centerpiece is "Rupp's Skizzenbuch", a fan fiction / fan art project that is based on the story of "The Blue Max" written by Jack Hunter in 1964.  It is an officer's journal that retells the same story from the vantage point of Unteroffizier Gerhardt Rupp.  Not a good man, an "old campaigner" who sees no glory in the Great War and is willing to do almost anything to make sure he makes it to the end in one piece.

The following is an outline of the website content to assist you during your visit;

Research & Web Links A place for websites that are a help to me as this project develops.

Fan Fiction & Copyrights  All credit given as well as some insight into how the pages are built.

TBMP Blog  Whatever I feel like writing about, broadly aviation themed.

Rupp's Skizzenbuch  The eventual landing place for the serial journal of Gerhardt Rupp. Target release date is Winter 2018. Visit this page to see the short video "teaser" for the journal.

The Rabbit Hole  An explanation of the influences that led to this project as well as some examples of previous work including the "WWHFA Comics" and "The Bloody April Journal".

Finding the Story  Research documents that outline the novel "The Blue Max" by Jack Hunter, including a chapter summary, story timeline and a German / English glossary for terms used in the book.

The Aircraft  A list of aircraft featured in the novel in order of appearance as well as a gallery of images and specifications for each plane type. 

The Uniforms  Research and a gallery for the different uniforms, medals, headgear worn by the different characters described in the novel. 

Jack D. Hunter Links to Jack Hunter's website that includes articles about his life as well as his own explanation of his creation of "The Blue Max" story.

I hope you enjoy your visit.  Feel free to send me a note with your thoughts or suggestions by clicking the mailbox icon at the bottom of the page.


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