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B&B Animal Life.....Isle of Skye and Ullapool

We have continued to be impressed by the level of service and care from the B&B community in Scotland.  Typically both the husband and wife have taken time to talk with us about our trip in detail.  Most of them have had matching shirts with the B&B name embroidered on it ( I have not seen that before in the states).  They want to know the details of your trip so they can advise you on things you might miss or the route you should take.  They are booked through September at this point and work very hard to keep the visitors happy.  One of them said that 60% of his bookings are on Air B&B now.

But the last two really stand out for something else... their animal life!

Garybui was where we stayed on the Isle of Sky.  The name means "yellow house" but the house is white, in typical scottish fashion the house was named decades before they bought it.  They thought it may have been named that because of a yellow flowering tree in front of the house.

The house is located way off the main road in the middle of farm land and is a simple handsome home.  Easy to spot because of the red phone booth in front.

It has a lovely glass dining area attached where we had our breakfast.  A huge relief that they had an option other than the "traditional scottish breakfast" so we got scrambled eggs on an english muffin with smoked samon.

They had a few playful cats who were siblings and would pounce and groom each other at the same time.  They also had a yard full of baby ducklings.

But these two guys really stole the show.  Big Fella ruled the chicken world at Garybui, but the Wee Man tried so hard to keep up.

Now Big Fella knows how to treat the can hand feed him raisins but he is very careful to give the first few to the girls to make sure they feel appreciated.  Once he knows you have food, watch out...he comes right at you looking for more with his wild high stepping strut.  I caught these images in series when he charged me.

The second B&B that we just got to tonight is called the Clachan Farmhouse and is just south of Ullapool.  Off the main road by a half mile, it is an active sheep ranch.

We didn't realize just how active it was until we drove in and the woman owner was leaving the house to the adjoining barn to help her husband and two hands shear the sheep (see below).  The other sure sign was the sound of hundreds of bleating sheep.  All different voices, some low, some high, but constant.  

As the sun set, the husband herded the stragglers out into the fields with his two trained sheep dogs.  All this went on right outside our second story bedroom window.  Who could ask for a more entertaining place to stay!

That's all for now, but I will leave with my three favorite pictures from the day.

Skye Museum of Island Life

Skye Museum of Island Life

Kilt Rock Island of Skye

Kilt Rock Island of Skye

God's rays on Skye

God's rays on Skye