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Boats, birds and poop....lots and lots of poop.

Am running about a day behind on the blog, so will try and catch up with yesterday.  

Here is the Marshall Meadows Hotel we stayed at outside of Berwick-upon-Tweed, just across the border into England.  It was off a main highway, down a small winding road.   It happened the hotel was hosting a high school "junior prom" the night we stayed ( they warned us ahead of time).  Lots of Buddy Holly look alikes and gray satin gowns.  We had a glass of wine outside and watched them take selfies of each other and smoke cigarrettes together.  The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast with fresh berries, thick porridge, ranch eggs and bacon ( that is more like a slice of ham...bed and breakfast in the UK is a real meal for sure!).  

See our cool rental car by the way....a Nissan Juke...when you turn the car off the side view mirrors fold you some indication of how narrow the roads are here.

Robyn has to get full credit for sending as about another 30 miles along the coast into England to go on a boat tour of the islands of Farne at the town of Seahorses.  It turned out to be a beautiful day with broken clouds and blue skies and the boat trip was a wonderful adventure.

The first island we reached was full of bird life and scenic views ( and poop).

At the final stop they let you off the boat for an hour on an island full of nesting birds.  Naturalists watch over you and every nest is marked.  More importantly every nest is aggressively defended and it is controlled mayhem alrong the pathways.  Not able to catch that with a picture, but this video might do it justice.

But the stars of the show are the Puffins.  This penguin like birds burrow into the ground to nest and raise their babies.  They spend the day shuttling out to the ocean to gather small minnows to feed them.  In some of the images you can see them holding a mouthfull of fish waiting to feed their babies.  All the visitors line the walkway with their cameras and try to capture images of these lovable birds as they shuttle back and forth overhead ( the first picture is not a Puffin....just to be accurate).

After the boat trip on the way back to the hotel we stopped in Berwick and visited the Elizabethan ramparts.  The tops of the walls are very accessible and completely enclose the downtown areas.




Along the path we came across a very old cemetary.  The sun broke out for just a moment and lit one side the headstones.  Was able to catch this image.  Best shot of the day.