The Blue Max Project

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"Rupp's Skizzenbuch"....Sneak Preview!

"Rupp's Skizzenbuch" is the journal /sketchbook of Unteroffizier Gerhardt Rupp from Jasta 77.  Rupp is a character from Jack Hunter's novel "The Blue Max" and this journal re-tells the Blue Max story from his unique vantage point.  The sketchbook will be published chapter by chapter as an online serial,  bi-weekly starting January 1, 2018 and will run right up to Armistice Day on November 11th.

Over the last four months, I completed another four chapters, but more importantly I settled on the final electronic format for the online publication.  With only a few weeks left, I thought readers might be interested in just what an "online serial journal" looks like. 

Rupp's Skizzenbuch - Sneak Preview


Each Chapter is structured in a similar way.  There is always a title slide that sets the theme for the chapter and three or four pages of text, documents and sketches.  For the casual reader, you can navigate with the left and right arrows.


The filmstrip at the bottom shows all the pages so you know where you are in the chapter.


These are low res-images to keep load times fast, but for the serious reader, the last page of each chapter is a "click-thru" image that downloads a hi-res PDF booklet of the entire chapter.


These PDF booklet is typically a 5 meg file size and can be viewed page by page.


These images are very detailed and text is easily readable.  This likely is the most immersive way to experience the journal and take a close look at the sketches and artifacts.


But not everyone wants to work that hard, so I added a "Journal Transcript" at the bottom of the page of each chapter, for those who just want to read the story and look at the images of the journal.


For those who really want to get "in the weeds", there are credits at the bottom of the page.  If you click on the blue text, it will download a one page PDF that describes the sources for the work.


This document describes sources of historical images used in the journal and specific details about font types and software.  It also gives insight into the creative process or techniques used to create the images. 


Considering that there will be 24 chapters, there are several ways to find the chapters or catch up to read previous chapters you may have missed.  There is a drop down menu that lists each chapter as it is published ( if you visit the site now the only item in that list is the "Table of Contents").


The Table of Contents has a thumbnail of each chapter and the title and date it will be issued.  As I finish a chapter I add the black and white images to this page.  Right now the thumbnails don't link to anything, but as each chapter is published I will replace the thumbnail with a color image and will make the link active.  It is an interesting page to visit because you can see what is coming in the future and how far the story has progressed.  Right now I have completed 17 chapters which takes the serial from January 1st through July 27th.  I have eight more chapters to complete, so while you are reading, I will still be writing and sketching to complete the journal.


So that's it!  I really hope that this proves to be an interesting and immersive way to close out the Centennial.  Look forward to sharing this with you starting on January 1st.