The Blue Max Project

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"Rupp's Skizzenbuch" Theme Pages

Things are picking up speed on the project.  

After cartooning out the release dates for the journal, I am more confident than ever that I can finish the project on time.  To further inspire me ( Project Manager's need lots of inspiration!).  I put up a bulletin board in my office.  For each chapter I finish I mark it with a poppy.  Still a long way to go, only one poppy on the board.

The prologue is done and I am working on the next four chapters as a group.  These chapters are an introduction to the story of "The Blue Max".   Rupp introduces his story, explains the status of the war, describes the town of Beauvin where the aerodrome is located and talks about the people that are his squadmates at Jasta 77.

Each chapter starts with a theme page that identifies what the chapter is about.  The journal itself will be presented in a flat, almost archival view, so the theme pages are a chance to have some fun, be more immersive and do a bit of story telling.  

A glass of wine from one of the local farms, a crusty cigar and a flickering can almost hear the booming artillery shells off in the distance, keeping Rupp up late at night while he sketches in his journal.