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Rupp's Skizzenbuch - Half Way There!!

I officially reached the halfway point for my art project "Rupp's Skizzenbuch".  This chapter by chapter serial that is a companion piece to align with Jack Hunter's "The Blue Max" will be published online starting on January 1, 2018.

I can say that with confidence because now I have January thru May "in the can" and much confidence that I will be thru to August before the end of the year.  Here is my calendar showing the publishing dates....I cover the dates with a poppy when they are finished.  

Image 1.jpg

Here is the table of contents for what is finished so far.  

If you want to take a closer look follow this link to the page itself



Each chapter will have a title slide that sets the theme and individual pages of the journal that tell the story.  The journal itself is a mix of text, photography and sketches that follow the story of "The Blue Max" from the perspective of Unteroffizier Gerhardt Rupp, a gray haired old campaigner who is just trying to survive the war.  The books story line goes from January 1918 to October 1918.  My intent is to extend that a bit to get to Armistice Day so that the serial will be a fitting way to close out the centennial.

The gallery below are a few sample pages from Chapter 12 so you can get a sense of what the serial will look like.  If you click on the images it will take you to a higher resolution version.


WWGeezer (aka Tom Emme)