The Blue Max Project

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Making the Map

With luck I will finish the “Epilogue” in the next two weeks so that I will be ready for the final close out of “Rupp’s Skizzenbuch” on November 11th. I thought it would be fun to pull back the curtain on what inspired the world map from this week’s episode. I knew I wanted to show a map with the larger platform of the Great War as part of closing this story and was inspired by a few historical images.

I found this map and loved the small icons and the vibrant feel of it

Orig Map S.jpg

This second map distorted the grid to give the image the curve of the globe and created a more 3D effect.

Orig Map2 S.jpg

I tried to combine those two ideas and capture enough of the Western Front to show the route Rupp took from St. Quentin to Etretat as well as the major ports feeding the front from England and the United States. I started with a google map and created the grid for the region I wanted. Than I placed the poster underneath to get it lined up. After that I started distorting the grid and developed the sketch.

The next thing I needed where the objects. I used a whole series of things and tried to capture some of animation in the original maps, with aircraft, balloons, symbols for countries and icons like the major cities. This part was great fun.

Putting it all together, I wanted it to look similar to the other maps I created in the journal, with the feeling that you are high above the clouds viewing the map, witnessing a dog fight that is about to happen. When it was done, printed it, aged it and photographed it on the desktop.

I was happy with the final version, but more than anything enjoyed the journey getting there and the links back to the original artwork that inspired it. If you click on the image below you can download a hi-res version.