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"Fighting in the air is not a sport.  It is scientific murder."

Eddie Rickenbacker


The aircraft of "The Blue Max" play as large of a role in the story as any of the main characters do.

  • The intentional sabotage of Stachel's Pfalz D.IIIa that hardened his resolve as a new officer.
  • Stachel's lust for the Fokker D.VII that leads to the cruel murder of a squad mate.
  • The prototype Adler D-11, a fictional plane that is not ready for prime time and leads to the death of a key character.

So with that in mind, the attached list is much like a playbill at a play, and gives you the aircraft in "The Blue Max" in their order of appearance in the book.

The Aircraft of "The Blue Max"

Here is a gallery with images and data on each of the aircraft.  At a minimum it can be used as a resource to your imagination as your read the book.  I gave credit as best I could for all the images in the gallery below.

You can scroll through the images with the left and right arrows below.  If you click on the image itself you will be taken to a hi-res version of the same image (use your browser back button to return to this website).


When you fly on-line, you will occasionally run into events that are referred to as "dead-is-dead". This means if you crash or are shot down, your mission is over and you are done for the night. 

Some of the most intense flying I have ever done was when I knew if I made single error I was dead.

I can only imagine what a real pilot experienced in combat.


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